Wednesday, January 18, 2012

(same) World Order

I've been watching these videos. Genki Sudo, a former MMA fighter in Japan, is now leading a group of dancers called "World Order" as well as being the creator/co-creator of the music. :)
I will be posting these in order of when he posted them. Please know that these are the ones I like, and not all of the ones on his youtube channel.

This first one is my favorite dance:


The next one is another favorite. There is some trippy pop & lock, and tutting in this video:) It closely resembles IaMmE's brain-banging style:

The next one. This is a modified dance from the one that made them initially popular on youtube. You will see that one as my last video posted:

Next, we have a remake of the original (like I said about the previous one, it will be posted last):

Next, we have another fun one. I wonder if you can take away any dating tips o_~ :

Next, this is by far my favorite one. It isn't my favorite dance or my favorite song, but I feel like this is the best dance paired to a song. It gets kinda religious and spiritual, with a little bit of comedy at the end:

And now, finally, the original video. I love this song (by far my favorite song of Genki Sudo), and it's really, really cute to watch the children to the left in the shots with Tokyo Tower in the background. :) :

I think that woman at the end of the video recognizes him as Genki Sudo, the fighter. :)

Anyways, I wanted to post these for your enjoyment. :)

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